'farbenreich' - teaser of our next documentary on Max Riedel - Geschaftsführer - Holi Concept GmbH.

A story of a young russian ballerina who danced at the famous 'Bolshoi Theatre' at Moskau. To find a new challenge, she left everything behind and went to Berlin, but a new start is always difficult.
She experienced hard times and disappointments, knowing that there is no room for mistakes if she wants to succeed in ballet.
"Look into the faces of the Berliners and you will still see Frieda Schulze (August 1961). In their resistance, their determination and their hope, they represent all of us. We are all Berliners." Matt Frei.

Die 77-jährige Frieda Schulze flüchtet aus ihrer Wohnung im
ersten Stock eines Grenzhauses, 25.9.1961,
Foto: A. Waidmann, ullstein bild
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